7/365 Nana Kitade

August 22, 2011

It’s a photo from her concert that we went to. The ligntning was so horrible, it was overexposed and directed at her feet and none at her upper torso.. Horrible I really don’t know if she decided to do so, or it was just bad lignting configuration.
I’m not really her fan but we were called as press, and so we went. And yes lately I’ve been into dreamy effects so bear with me. Feel free to comment.



5/365 sunkissed

August 15, 2011


4/365 Skay

August 12, 2011

4/365, Skay

3/365 mailman’s package

August 11, 2011



2/365 – etude

August 10, 2011

2/365, second picture. I love how it came out so dreamy, but that’s probably because I generaly love dreamy pictures.

1/365 – clouded

August 9, 2011

1/365, as in I’ll try to upload a picture everyday, or at least 365 pictures. just so I’ll blog again.